Somebody Started Shaving Their Legs…

Nope, not me…I’ve been doing that for quite some time now, lol!  Ashton shaved her legs for the very first time yesterday!  She has been ready to start shaving for a while now, and was very excited about this milestone.

When she came home from school yesterday I had put together the basket of necessities for her!  She grinned a grin of “Oh, my goodness, I’m really gonna do this.”  Of course, just before she took that first stroke of the razor she got a little nervous.  Once she was a few strokes in, she had the hang of it and did a great job!!  Pretty successful with only one tiny nick in the skin 😉

Annie, our mini-daschaund, loves to take baths!  She was so funny wanting in on the action so badly!  She makes us laugh the way she truly thinks she is just one the girls…she kept trying to jump in and actually made it to the top of the tub twice, lol.

I can’t really remember when I started shaving my legs.  Momma, can you remember when I started? Do you girls remember when you first started shaving your legs? How old were you? Any funny stories?

This was such a fun milestone to experience with my sweet girl who is growing up way too fast.  So thankful that there are more milestones ahead of us!


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