Jordan turns 11!

October 23, 2001 was such a special day for our family!  It’s the day we welcomed our sweet baby boy Jordan into this world.  Eleven years later Jordan is continuing to bring joy into our lives…every single day.  He is really such a thoughtful little guy that seizes every opportunity to put a smile on our faces.  He is all about “birthdays!”  He counts down the days until his own birthday each year.  Knowing this makes us even more excited to celebrate him on his “big” day!


Jordan’s special request was to have a cookie cake and tacos with cheese dip from Las Palmas for dinner.  Those of you who know Jordan, know that he “lives” for Las Palmas cheese dip!  He was one happy kiddo at dinner time!  Although he loved his dinner, he did eat soooo fast because he was ready to rip open his gifts!

One thing about Jordan I love is how much he loves family night!  Every Monday is family night at our house.  Jordan’s favorite thing to do on family night is to play games.  I realized the other day that he has NEVER played Monopoly or LIFE!  So, yep, that’s what we bought him for his birthday…he loved it!

So, we played our first game of Monopoly as a family.  Jordan loved the game!  In fact, I lost count of how many times he said, “I love this game!”  Of course it was a school night, so we didn’t get to finish the game – Lol.  We took a pic of the game board and noted everyone’s money & property so we can finish next Monday night.

It was a great day!  We love our sweet Jordan so much and look forward to celebrating many more birthdays with him!!


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