Jordan’s First Season of Football

Jordan just finished his first season of football!  What a journey it has been for not just him, but for Brian and I also.  I was very hesitant to allow Jordan to play a sport where the name of the game is tackling!  However, for two years straight he had begged to play!  He would come home everyday talking about how much fun he had that day in recess playing football.  Knowing his love for the game encouraged Brian and I to allow him to play his first season.

To prepare for the season, he attended football camp and learned some basic drills and skills.  Then, school started and the real season began.  The first few practices Jordan would come home happy and excited, sweaty, but happy.

Soon after the practices were under way, I had picked up Jordan from practice and he was visibly upset.  When I asked him why he was upset, he quickly responded, “The coach called us ballerinas!  It was so rude!”  I tried not to laugh for fear of insulting him and upsetting him even more – lol.  Knowing that the coaches were trying to teach the little guys to toughen up, tackle, and receive tackles, I started explaining this to him.  Jordan is a sensitive soul, but  eventually he began to understand that the coach was not being rude.

As we were approaching the first game, Jordan’s nerves were getting the best of him.  He was recognizing that there were several team players that were a lot better than him and that he wasn’t the best player on the team.  Knowing this, he assumed that he wouldn’t do as good of a job when put into the game.  He was so nervous that he wanted to quit and not even go to his first game.  It’s never easy to see your kiddo in a situation where they are uneasy and want to take the easy way out.  Brian and I both knew that to let him quit would not be what was best for him.  Cue the first lesson learned.  Just because you are not the very best at a task, and nerves set in, does not mean it is ok to quit.  Explaining this to Jordan, we were able to get Jordan suited up for that first game and cheer the Warriors on from the stands.

After that first game Jordan learned lesson number two.  It is just as fun to be a part of the team as it is to be “the star” of the team.  Brian and I had more fun watching our #9 all season stand on the sideline cheering on his teammates, knocking helmets, & slapping butts – lol!  In the end, Jordan’s total playing time for the season was minimal, but his time on the sidelines encouraging teammates was huge!  We reminded him of one of our church’s core values–everything is better in teams!

All in all, it was a great season with several lessons learned!  These were just a couple that stood out and have already had a big impact on Jordan.  We are so proud of him and for all of his hard work this season!  Jordan has already shared that he wants to play again next season.  Brian and I are excited for him and anxiously await to see him grow as a player!  Go Warriors!


6 thoughts on “Jordan’s First Season of Football

  1. This is really great!! I love the pics and hope we can get one of him in his uniform. I am so glad we got to see him play at least one game. Hopefully, next year we can make it for more, we had such a wonderful time. Wish we lived closer so we could make every game/activity/event that our grandkids participate in, I miss being able to watch kids activity’s now that Ally and Erin are older.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked the post. I am going to start posting more often so we can show you guys what the fam is up too =) Yes, that would be fun to have you guys come for a few games next year too!

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