About Me

My name is Cherith Dollar.  I have been married to my “I love my wife even though she crafts way too much” husband Brian for 14 years.  I am a stay at home mom to my daughter, Ashton(12) and my son, Jordan(10).  Although my family is not as young and “toddler like” as we use to be, we are enjoying every minute of this stage in our journey together!  We are learning more and more about each other as a family everyday…the good, the bad, the “what was that”, and all!  Thankfully, we have a Christ-centered home that is a safe place for us to be who we are and learn from it as we go!


I’m hoping that the blog is a fun thing for you and me both =)  I have enjoyed being a part of our craft ministry at church called Creative Hearts (formerly known as C.R.O.P.) for the last 10 years.  I am hoping that this blog will serve as a forum for me to share information about the Creative Hearts ministry as well as share the projects that the ladies and I create.  If, along the way, we inspire someone to stop and tap into their own creativity then it’s a win-win for us all!  We meet together once a month to work on creative projects. Together, we laugh and share some pretty funny moments as we craft some super cute projects!!  I encourage you, if you are able, to come and be a part.  The dates for 2013 are listed on the Creative Hearts page of my blog.

Also, although our church family and friends here in Arkansas have grown to be our “family”, we have no relatives that live here in Arkansas with us.  Soooo, maybe this blog, a few family pics, and stories will satisfy the “I miss my grandkids like crazy” cry we get from our parents =)  We love and miss them dearly ❤

Disclaimer: I must have been dozing in all of my grammar classes as a kid!  I am (self proclaimed) THE WORST when it comes to grammar and punctuation.  Let’s just say it’s my ministry to make others feel better about themselves through my lack of proper punctuation, LOL! 😉


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I want a birthday party like that! Everything looked SO cute and creative! It’s obvious that Brian is not the only creative person in your household! Thanks for sharing, Cherith! Maybe one day, we can meet each other!

    • Thank you Angela! This Friday night is our next Creative Hearts night…be sure to bring any “Spring” completed projects you have to put on the Inspiration Table! Hope to see you there!

  2. WOW!!! Amazing! You and Ashton did a wonderful job decorating and crafting the party. It was so pretty. I’m so glad Ashton helped. You are all so talented. Truly a gift from God! Love ya, MOM.

  3. Great post: Ashton; my what long beautiful legs you have.
    (You do have some tall women in your family).
    Cherith, I don’t really remember how old you were Honey; when you first shaved your legs. I remember you did it before you told me so you were a very independent young lady. I think I was 11 yrs. old when I shaved my legs for the first time. I also remember I was in about the 4th grade and we used to have a class called film class when we would all see an educational film and a boy his name was David was sitting in front of me he reached down and touched my leg; I slapped him of course; but as he did that he yelled out Carolynn shaves her legs. OMG! I was horrified. (but glad I shaved my legs). It’s fun and hard at the same time to see your children growing up. You did a good job Ashton. Many kisses an hugs to you… Love Granny

  4. Absolutely LOVE your ice cream theme birthday party. Would you mind sharing how you did the ice cream cone door hanger? Looks like burlap? Hoping to do this for my grandmother’s 95th birthday! Thanks!

    • Thank you Anna! You are right! The Ice Cream door hanger was made out of a tan burlap and a chocolate brown burlap. It was very easy and made “on the fly.” I used a pizza cardboard box that I cut into the shape of an ice cream cone. To attach the burlap, scrunch the material as you go while hot glueing it to the cardboard box…or, if you would like to borrow mine just let me know! The personalized sign hanging on the front is an easy change 🙂

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