Creative Hearts – March 2012

What a great night we had at Creative Hearts in March!!  We had a fun group of girls that showed up ready for a night full of crafting and laughs!!!!  Next month, hopefully, I will get to take pics of all the ladies. =)

Here is what the girls made…

Brenda Harte made these super cute candles.  These would make a cute gift for so many different occasions.  We all “ooohed and awed” over them!!

Heather McCalip made these two signs.  The red sign was the “envy” of the night!  My picture does not do it justice…it was SO cute!  The Bret sign she made for her son.  It also was way cute!

This A-dorable canvas was painted and made by Miranda Stone.  I love the quote!!!!  Miranda is SO talented!  Stay tuned for my blog post on her daughter’s birthday party…coming soon!

Amber Carter and I made this little number that I saw on Pinterest.  If you would like to make one for yourself you can learn how to here.

This was a gift made by Gabi Pennington and Kendyl Elliott.  It was actually made for my little girl’s birthday.  It was a very sweet and thoughtful gift.  The jar contained 20 reasons why she is loved.  Each pink slip had a reason, and was then wrapped inside a one dollar bill.  So, the gift included the 20 reasons and $20… Ashton loved it!

This is just a sampling of a few of the projects from our Creative Hearts night in March.  I will be posting a few more of the cute projects made on that night soon.  It was a very productive night!


Ashton’s Vintage Ice Cream Party

Our sweet little Ashton is growing up so fast!  We celebrated her 12th birthday by throwing her a Vintage Ice Cream party.  Ashton actually picked the theme, and I was more than excited to run with it!  I loved all of the pretty, muted colors that she decided on…so soft and sweet.

Decorating for this party was so much fun – not just because I LOVE TO PLAN PARTIES (lol), but because this was the first party that Ashton has shown an interest and excitement to be involved with the party planning process.  She has such a creative heart!  So, I dare not take credit for pulling this one off all on my own.  She was a big help!

The first thing we did for the night was take all 9 girls to the opening of “The Lorax.”  It was such a cute movie!!!  I loved all of the bright colors throughout the movie!  To minimize the expense of taking such a large group to see it at our local IMAX, I used this adorable bucket that was given to me for my birthday from my sweet friend, Miranda.  I added the Lorax label and filled it with bags of candy and popcorn holders that Ashton made using our cricut machine.

This was so handy at the theater!!  We were all able to share the popcorn that came with free refills!  The movie was a success!

Next on the list was to treat the girls to ice cream!  Just outside the movie theater we have a Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream shop which was so convenient.

After the ice cream we headed home to open gifts and eat cupcakes!  Instead of making a cake, we took the easy way out.  We bought store bought cupcakes and made ice cream picks to decorate them.  In place of Ashton’s cake, we had her blow out a candle that we put in an oversized cupcake made to look like an ice cream…she loved it!

More treats the girls consumed throughout the night…

Ashton and I made goodie bags for each of the girls.  We scored some cute ice cream themed candies at the Dollar Store and made ice creams out of body loofahs and brown cardstock.

Additional Party favors…

The cotton candy ice cream cones were a party favor that each girl was given as they left the party the following morning.  This was the first birthday party Ashton has had with her new friends at her new school.  It was a great party and all of the girls seemed to have a great time!

Happy 12th Birthday, sweet Ashton!  Mommy loves you!!!!!!!!!!